Berry, Vanilla, and Coconut Lip Balm Set

Berry, Vanilla, and Coconut Lip Balm Set

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100% ORGANIC: A natural lip moisturizer for soft, supple lips, infused with the most premium Essential Oil Blends. The highly nourishing and moisturizing formula has a natural peppermint and eucalyptus flavor that will leave your lips feeling fresh and cool.

LIP CARE: Antioxidants from grapeseed oil and Vitamin E will ensure your lips are protected from the elements. Made with organic beeswax and Shea butter, our lip balm will keep your lips soft, hydrated, and velvety smooth.

SMOOTH LIP BALM: Just one swipe of this conditioning lip care leaves your lips smooth and refreshed while adding a sheer wash of color and shine.

ALL NATURAL Free of gluten, soy, GMOs, parabens, & chemicals. Never tested on animals. The convenient pack of three will ensure you and your loved ones are able to care for your lips wherever you are

 Made in India