Cast Iron Brush & Scraper
Cast Iron Brush & Scraper
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Cast Iron Brush & Scraper

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Cast Iron Brush + Scraper 

  • Ultra tough wide-head brush safely cleans cast iron cookware 
  • Built-in scraper removes even the most stuck-on bits
  • Scrub away food, not your seasoning 

Cast iron pots and pans are the gentle giants of cookware. They're big. They're heavy. And they require a certain... sensitivity. With our toughest reinforced (but not metal) bristles and special scraper, this combo brush needs only water to safely remove even the most stuck-on bits. Like they say, no soap, no problem. 


Full circle products use: Bonterra (meaning “good earth,” this petrochemical-free plastic alternative is made from plant cellulose and starches), non-toxic recyclable glass, bamboo, recycled plastic, natural latex, organic cotton, cellulose, and plant-based materials.


All Full Circle products are made without harmful coatings, dyes, plastics, and chemicals to make sure your family gets a healthier, BPA-free clean.


Clean is pretty dirty if it means being wasteful. That’s why Full Circle products use long-lasting, renewable, compostable or recycled resources whenever possible.


From composting to nixing plastic water bottles, you make all the right choices for a more conscientious lifestyle. Full Circle products just help make it a bit easier to tackle every day.


Many of Full Circle products are designed with parts you can replace once they’re looking a little less than fresh, extending the life cycle, saving resources and money.


Beauty means nothing without the brains to back it up. Full Circle products are designed to be gorgeous and functional, including self-storage options and little extra feel-good details everywhere we can.