Owl Pillow (Arin Waddell)
Owl Pillow (Arin Waddell)
Arin Waddell

Owl Pillow (Arin Waddell)

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Premium, 24"x24" pillow. Back is plush black velvet.

From Arin:

My artwork is uses whimsy, allegory and every day objects/birds/subjects to spark conversations and inspire personal inquiry. In the West, it is difficult not to obsess over and make art about our compelling, stunning landscape. However, I have come to painting through a life-long love of learning, and a formal graduate school back door of concepts and metaphors gathered together like little stones from the path of my own history. In these visual stories----inspired from flora, fauna, friends and family---- the personal stretches/reaches out to become universal.

About Arin:

Arin Waddell feels passionately about many things (she is a firecracker). This new line of luxury pillows has brought about a new passion and pride for a tight community of exceptional talent in Sheridan, Wyoming. Local professionals and artisans working seamlessly together – setting the bar for creative entrepreneurs in the west.  

Waddell has teamed up with the brilliant designer/photographer Jenae Neeson of MyBonnie Studios in Sheridan, who exquisitely captures the details and textures of the imagery, as well as the architectural flavor of the collectors who own them.  Matt Moran of Twin M Design hand crafts every buttery leather logo and carefully sews each pillow with the precision of a master artisan. Bighorn Design’s Cassie Jaeb handles every aspect of distribution and shipping from the historic Main Street of Sheridan, Wyoming.