Alibi Citrus Bitters

Alibi Citrus Bitters

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We open on a dark alley. A flash of lightning and the rain starts. Dark, heavy rain. You find yourself at a door with blood dripping off your finger tips into the fast forming puddles on the pavement. You’re unsure whether it’s your own or not. You knock. The door creaks open of its own accord; the hinges there for moral support only.

There’s a bar. A man with a silver streaked beard stands behind it. You sit. He slides a rocks glass in front of you. You tap it twice, and he perfectly pours two ounces. You’re about to slug it down when he stops you, hands you a bar rag for the blood, and adds two dashes of The Alibi to your drink. You understand in that moment that everything will be okay.

The Alibi Bitter is your trusty cocktail companion.